Joshua David
Interior Designer

Joshua David

Joshua David was bound to inhabit the world of design.

Having a graphic designer, watercolorist and ceramicist for a mother, as well as a respected author and historian for a father; the ability to tell a story by designing spaces with a consistent language of forms, color and texture is in his blood.

He spent many years broadening his knowledge of architecture, interior, fashion and textile design in cities such as London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Florence, Milan and New York City where he further cut his teeth at the venerable Manhattan office of renowned interior designer Jacques Grange.

As principal at Joshua David Home, Joshua has been rising to design challenges that are as varied and unique as his patrons throughout the Manhattan and Metro NY areas since the company’s inception in 2007. His work reflects his evolving design sensibilities, and he consistently applies knowledge he gained from past projects to realize a vision that includes both original and on-trend design solutions relevant to every client’s personality, spatial needs, and lifestyle.

“Design is more than just aesthetics. It is a solution, a language and a way of life…”
—Joshua David Lefkowitz